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ADVOCATE is now part of Innerstrength

Advocate join Innerstrength Records to release their debut full length album this Summer. The band is currently hard at work in their home state of Oklahoma recording their upcoming album. The band has previously self-released an EP “Provost & Judge”.

“If Advocate’s debut release, Provost & Judge is the authority to which modern deathcore must report to, then I don’t think anyone would complain. Filled with life, passion and pride—not to mention punchy, skin-peeling heaviness—Provost & Judge is the sound of a band making music with their entire heart—the proud, passionate and pissed parts alike.” – New

Advocate describe their sound as frenzied, frantic styles of hardcore—a la Ion Dissonance—and smashing it head-on against Behemoth-like black metal stylings, while retaining their own unique penchant for groove and catchiness.

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