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Innerstrength Records began in 1998 as a small distro that would table at local hardcore shows.  In 2001 selling CDs from someone else at a show just wasn't that interesting.  So the decision was made to release an album from a friends band.  Album number 1 was Painmask "Are You Prepared To Meet The Truth"  The album did pretty good for the first shot.  Keep in mind selling CDs in 2001 was a lot easier than today.  Normal first shipments were several hundred and there were way more indie distributors.  Album #2 was Billy Club Sandwich "Superheroes At Leisure" which sold about 3000 copies.  So we've just kept at it since.

Here we are in 2017 almost 40 releases in with many ups and downs and we're still releasing albums.  Not because it is lucrative my any means its just something we love doing.  

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Hardcore/Metal/General Business - Jason Owner

Indie Rock/Alt/Punk/Emo - Jameson A&R/Marketing


Support your local indie record stores!!!  They are amazing places!

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